Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Mystery Review


This is our first post. We're a group of dudes from the bayside area, QLD, Australia, who LOVE skateboarding! This blog will basically be an update of our travels, tricks and troubles, as well as gear reviews.

To kick off our blog, let's start by reviewing Mystery decks.

Mystery Skateboards:

Mystery was first started by Jamie Thomas.
The logo itself was taken from the film Detroit Rock City.
All of the deck graphics are in black and white.

Deck Size: 7.75"

Mystery use a shallow grave concave design which I find is just enough. In turn, it allows for the board to have more pop. It almost calls out to be tre flipped.

Paint Wear:The paint wear in this deck has been quite good in comparison to other decks I have skated before. It seems to be layered enough that it lasts a while, even while being skated every day of the week.

I would give this board a 9/10, it's served me really well.
-Great pop
-Concave perfect for flip tricks.
-Lasting paint.

In the future, i'd feel confident in recommending a Mystery deck to any of my mates, and hope that one of you decides to pick one up in the future.

Until then,
Skate or Die.



  1. I use to ride a mystery board, one of my favorites! =D

  2. Don't skate anymore, but following for future board reviews.

  3. Cool looking board man. Nice review.

  4. skating... That was a long time ago but still i enjoy reading from other skaters . Following this blog ;)

  5. I used to skate all the time, my board of choice was a Darkstar board.

    nice in depth review.

  6. I don't have the balance to skate, but do you guys go out tagging? I feel like that might be a stereotypical thing to ask, but I love graffiti art and would love some tips on how to go out and do that.

  7. Interesting blog, I'm a skydiver and summer surfer. I've done inline, but always had a passion for skating. Never really gave it a chance.


  8. nice, some pics would be awesome too.

  9. Could you recommend some trucks?

  10. I didn't know there was so much that went into the size and shape of a skateboard! Keep the posts coming!

    Following and supporting!

    Yorkie Love

  11. Very nice review. I used to skateboard but I never got the hang of it or the motivation to learn so well...at least some people can enjoy it.

  12. Casperch: Yeah, i'll be doing future reviews on many more parts

  13. I'm more of a longboard person, myself.

  14. I love skateing, nice review. followed.

  15. Used to be a huge skater, still got a few of my flip boards in the garage somewhere

  16. do you guys skate street or vert? or both?

  17. fat buys and skating dont mix well so i stay off the boards

  18. MJ: Bit of both, jacks of all trades haha

  19. i wish i could skate, but all i do is longboard.
    inb4 faggot. :) haha followed