Thursday, 28 April 2011

Rain rain go away.

Still haven't had time to get out and have a skate with this ridiculous weather, so here's another look into our local scene. Here's a video promo for a DVD put together by a group of local skaters. If you get the chance, get a hold of this thing. It's awesome.

EDIT: For anyone interested, feel free to buy the dvd from

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Rainy day...

So it's raining today here in Brisbane, so i'm pretty content with a relaxed day indoors.

So I thought i'd give you all a look at one of our local skateparks. This video was filmed on the opening day of the Capalaba Skate Plaza, one of my favourite places to skate. Enjoy!

Mystery Review


This is our first post. We're a group of dudes from the bayside area, QLD, Australia, who LOVE skateboarding! This blog will basically be an update of our travels, tricks and troubles, as well as gear reviews.

To kick off our blog, let's start by reviewing Mystery decks.

Mystery Skateboards:

Mystery was first started by Jamie Thomas.
The logo itself was taken from the film Detroit Rock City.
All of the deck graphics are in black and white.

Deck Size: 7.75"

Mystery use a shallow grave concave design which I find is just enough. In turn, it allows for the board to have more pop. It almost calls out to be tre flipped.

Paint Wear:The paint wear in this deck has been quite good in comparison to other decks I have skated before. It seems to be layered enough that it lasts a while, even while being skated every day of the week.

I would give this board a 9/10, it's served me really well.
-Great pop
-Concave perfect for flip tricks.
-Lasting paint.

In the future, i'd feel confident in recommending a Mystery deck to any of my mates, and hope that one of you decides to pick one up in the future.

Until then,
Skate or Die.